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Mate, Worshiper, Family Member or Friend Scam

Card pickup notices claiming to be from a "Mate", "Worshiper", "Family Member" or "Friend" are fakes. These phishing/spam mailings attempt to trick people into visiting web pages on compromised computers.

Please do not do this! The file is some sort of malware -- a virus, trojan or spyware. If you have already downloaded this file please update your virus software immediately and run a check. You might also contact your virus protection software company or their website.

The email addresses used by the spammer seem to have come from "zombie" computers -- virus compromised personal computers.

The e-mails claim us, or another online greetings company (Hallmark, BlueMoutain, American Greetings, 123Greetings...), as the origin. This obviously is not true. You may confirm this by looking at your emails "headers".

We are sorry someone is perpetrating this hoax and frustrated it is abusing our site's good intentions.

The E-Cards Team

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