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Spam & Virus Precautions

If you use a Widows based PC make sure your computer has:

  • Firewall protection.
  • Virus protection software with up to date virus definitions.

If you use a Mac, make sure your firewall settings are turned on. Though there are fewer Mac based viruses, you might also want to invest in some virus software and keep the virus definitons up to date.

To filter spam you might:
  • Use a web based email service.
  • Purchase spam filtering software.
  • Have your email filtered by an outside source before it arrives on your computer.
Some other good rules to follow:
  • If you don't recognize a the sender email and the subject line of the mail seems suspicious, don't open it.
  • Don't reply to emails you think are spam. You will just confirm your existence.
  • Don't click on links in suspicious emails.
  • Beware of untrusted sites that ask you to download something.
  • Make sure sites you visit are indeed the sites they claim to be. Look at the URL (the web page address). Does it match the site you intended to visit?
  • Be carefull while using public WiFi access points. Is the service trustworthy? Is the comunication encrypted?
  • Encrypt your WiFi comunication -- use WPA encryption or better (WAP encryption is not very secure).

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