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The Support Center

Remedy for Most Technical Difficulties:
To thwart most technical difficulties use the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer to access the E-Cards site! For more information on browser compatibility click here.

General Problems:
  1. System 500 error message
  2. Browser seems to freeze
  3. Photo, icon and background colors look grainy
  4. Animated cards not moving - why?
  5. I get stuck - none of the links are working!
Pickup Problems:
  1. How do I pickup an E-Card?
  2. Pickup Code isn't working!
  3. Can't hear the music attached to my card!
  4. Lost Pickup Code
  5. Pickup code is more than 15 days old.
  6. System error message when picking up an E-Card
  7. E-Card hasn't arrived yet. Why not?
Sending Problems:
  1. How do I send an E-Card?
  2. System error message when sending an E-Card
  3. Sent card to the wrong address -- oops!
  4. Sent card but the e-mail notification Bounced back to me -- what should I do?
  5. How can I erase a card that I sent?.
Other Problems:
  1. Tell me more about your frog cursors (Comet Cursors)?
To learn about the E-Cards business: who we are, why we are doing this, our relationship with WWF, how to become an E-Cards Artist, or just about any other question you might have, click here!

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