General Problems:
  1. System 500 error message
  2. Browser seems to freeze
  3. I get stuck - none of the links are working!
Pickup Problems:
  1. How do I pickup an E-Card?
  2. Pickup Code isn't working!
  3. Lost Pickup Code
  4. Pickup code is more than 15 days old.
  5. System error message when picking up an E-Card
  6. E-Card hasn't arrived yet. Why not?
Sending Problems:
  1. How do I send an E-Card?
  2. System error message when sending an E-Card
  3. Sent card to the wrong address -- oops!
  4. Sent card but the e-mail notification Bounced back to me -- what should I do?
  5. How can I erase a card that I sent?.

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