"I sent a card but received a 'bounced' or 'undeliverable' e-mail notification back in my own e-mail box. What should I do?"

There are two common reasons for this problem:

  • Typo in Address - This is by far the most common reason messages are not delivered. If you included a correct "return" address, the message will automatically bounce back to you.

  • Recipient's mail-server is not accepting new messages. For various reasons, the computer that stores e-mails for the recipient may not be accepting new messages. In this case, our computer will continue to try to send the message for at least 24 hours. At that point, it will assume the mail server address is incorrect, and return to you the "bounced" e-mail notification.

All you have to do is use your normal e-mail program to forward that bounced e-mail notification on to the correct address. It contains all of the information the card recipient needs to pickup the card.

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