When you send an E-Card, our server (computer) sends an e-mail notification immediately. The message travels through the Internet to your ISP (internet service provider). When your computer checks its ISP mail server, the notification will be downloaded into your mail program.

This process usually is usually extremely fast. Ocasionally delays may occur for these reasons:

  • There is an error in the recipient's e-mail address.

    We find that the Number One reason a message was not delivered is that there was a typo in the address. To prevent this 1) please check the address carefully! and 2) include your return address. If you include your return address, the message will bounce back to you, and then you can re-send it to the correct address.

  • There is something wrong with the recipient's mail server. When you "send" an E-Card, our server (computer) immediately attempts to e-mail the intended recipient. If, for some reason, the recipient's mail server (the computer that acts as a mailbox for their e-mails) does not respond to our server, then our server will hold the message and try again about an hour later. Our server will continue to try to send the message for three days. If the recipient's server still does not respond, our server will assume that the given e-mail address was incorrect, and erases the message.
  • The Recipient's e-mail administrator is blocking messages from To prevent junk mail or SPAM, technical administrators have the ability to block all messages coming from a particular server. Because of the volume of E-Cards sent, administrators sometimes incorrectly assume that E-Cards are SPAM. PLEASE help us stop this silliness! If you have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to send E-Cards to a given domain (such as or, with an e-mail address you know is correct, please send a friendly inquiry to the recipient's network coordinator. This person usually can be reached by sending a message to (insert the recpient's ""). Messages should include the address you are attempting to send to, our domain name - which is the origin of the e-mail, a link to our terms of service: /help/service-terms.html, and a brief explanation that we actively discourage SPAM and are simply a fun service attempting to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Thank you for your help!

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