Most E-Cards' music files are recorded in Midi format. This type is a popular web format. Though web Midi songs are limited by the instruments contained in a computer's Midi play program, songs can be contained in small files and thus download very quickly. Most new browsers are already equipped to play Midi files.

Some web browsers (either MS Explorer or Netscape) have trouble playing Midi files -- often when their memory cache is full. Here are some tips for refreshing your browser's cache, and allowing it to play Midi sound files:

  • Open your browser, and select the Tools (or Edit in Netscape) icon from the top gray tool bar.
  • Then, click on the Internet Options (Preferences in Netscape) icon.
  • Once this opens in MS Explorer, try clearing the Cache by choosing to Delete Files. When you have finished this, then Clear History. This will essentially purge your browser's memory and allow new, fresh information to be downloaded from the Internet.
    **For Netscape, choose the Advanced option and then the Cache icon. Open this a select both the Clear Memory Cache and the Clear Disk Cache. Once you're finished, click OK.
After doing this, close your browser once more and reopen it. Then, try sending a card. You should be hearing music.

If you are still having problems hearing a Midi file, you may need to download a Midi player for your web browser to use. Below -- we have provided links to some popular, easy-to-download Midi players that work with both Macintosh and Windows platforms:

If you need further assistance playing midi files, we suggest that you visit the following site most appropriate for your computer platform:

We hope these players help, and that you're able to hear E-Cards' music soon!

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