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GreenLeap Mosaic: Earth Day Pledge
Make a commitment to the planet this Earth Day.

I am going to start using compact flourecent light bulbs.

Boston, MA, USA (age:24)
I will use my tote bag to do my grocery shopping.

San Francisco, CA
I'm going to make more of an effort to drive less.

I will be gentler to the earth and teach my children to do the same.

Tucson, Arizona, U.S. (age:36)
I will learn more about global warming and also pass on what I learn

NY, NY (age:23)
I pledge that i'll teach all my children to take care of mother Earth, in all aspect.

karachi,pakistan (age:26)
I will plant 100 tress this year

El Cajon, California USA (age:42)
I will take 5 minute showers, and turn off lights when I leave a room

Denver, Colorado (age:23)
I will recycle items more often, and cut down on electrical usage.

Wyoming, USA (age:48)
I will conserve electrical usage in my home, request paper bags instead of plastic & recycle.

St. Louis, Missouri USA (age:54)
I will to monitor our electricity usage and commit to lowering it.

San Francsico, CA, USA
I pledge to riding my bicycle for short trips instead of driving to cut down on CO2 emissions.

Fremont, CA (age:23)
I pledge to learn more about frogs and educate my friends about their conservation.

Green Pond, OR (age:36)
I will try to take MUCH shorter showers.

New York NY USA (age:19)
turn off your computer now

Napier,Hawkes Bay,New Zealand (age:10)
I will ride my bike to work instead of driving, and start using cloth grocery bags.

Loma Linda, CA, USA (age:25)
Keep moving ahead

-phyllis Williams
Newark NewJersey (age:40)
Let The Sun Shine In

-Bryan Collins
Newark NewJersey (age:41)
I will make my student write out their work instead of making worksheets to save the trees.

Victoria, Va USA (age:27)

San Bernardino CA U.S.A. (age:11)
In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the 7th generation.-Law of the Iroqois People

Brush Prairie, WA, USA (age:44)
i am use only clothing bags and not use pollution product

-Manjeet Singh
Dagshai,Solan(H.P.) (age:17)
I am gonna plant a tree and turn off my lights whenever I can. That would be good I think to help.

Denver, Colorado, USA (age:12)
I will continue my quest to spark an active interest in the environment in children of all ages.

Pennsylvania, United States of America (age:45)
I will replace my current car with a hybrid

San Francisco, CA, USA (age:40)
i born to save this wonder ful planet

metupalayam,tamil nadu,india (age:25)
I'll teach my son to conserve energy.

Santa Clara, California (age:45)
I will make sure to turn lights off.

California (age:23)
Plant Trees!

I will conserve energy and water.

Oakland, CA USA (age:32)
I will ride the bus to work at least once a week!

Elmira, Or (age:29)
I will help reduce global warming by recycling more often.

Hayward, CA
Walk more miles. Drive fewer miles.

Earth Day's my birthday! I'll use tote bags for groceries and cut back on water use.

Santa Fe, NM 87562
Wild things are our neighbors. Be kind to your neighbors.

-Rachel Fischoff
Carbondale, Illinois, United States of America (age:59)
I shall never harm a tree , flower , or any living thing

Forest City , NC USA (age:10)
I will buy organic, continuing being a vegetarian, and try to take shorter showers

Minneapolis, MN USA (age:28)
Girl Scouts Save the Bay!

San Francisco (age:57)
I conserve water by saving shower water and using it to flush the toilet.

Tucson AZ (age:33)
I will continue to use less and use everything mindfully and gently.

Yucaipa, CA (age:51)
I'll continue to reduce, reuse and recycle. Blessed Be.

Wickenburg, AZ, US (age:43)
I will replace my SUV with a Prius.

Los Angeles, California (age:34)
I will plant a tree this year

Auburn, Ca (age:12)
I will replace my incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Oakland, California (age:26)
I pledge to read a book about global warming and to follow it's advice.

Denver, Colorado (age:23)
Global Warming is a lie, you cant predict the weather and the earth has been warming for 6000 yrs.

Eagle River AK USA (age:37)
I joined and pledged to reduce my CO2 emissions by 2,000 lbs in 2006.

I'd like to save our beautful planet by simply driving less and carpooling.

Baltimore, MD (age:45)
I love the earth, I won't hurt it.

I 'm sorry for all the mess we've left for my grandchildren to clean up!

Nashville, AR United States (age:58)
I will try as hard as I can to recycle more, take even shorter showers and i will use less water!

-Michelle Kalinkina
i will be organic and natural and stop global warming at all costs


I will not pick fights so we can have peace in the world


I am going to try my hardest to take shorter showers and walk not drive if at all possible.

Newcastle, WY USA (age:18)
Global Warming is a lie perpetrated by radical environmentalists. It has no basis in science.



SEMINOLE, OKLAHOMA 74868 (age:35)

SEMINOLE, OKLAHOMA 74868 (age:34)
Go Earth!


Live wise,waste less

Toronto,On Canada (age:35)
I will tell and teach my peers to protect and conserve Earth

Philadelphia, PA (age:16)
I plan to start a e-plantations business

Solan (HP) India (age:40)
recycle & reduce waste...go solar!!!

Carson, CA USA
I will recycle more, use less power/electricity, and be kinder to the Earth!

Minneapolis, MN USA (age:36)
I will take shorter showers to conserve water and recycle more often. Plant more trees!!!

Minneapolis, MN USA (age:14)
I will put on a sweatshirt or grab a blanket before I go turn the heat up in the house.

Minneapolis, MN (age:39)
I will work for peace - bombs can't help global warming!

Love the Earth - She loves you!

-Karen Fisher
West Paris, Maine (age:30)
Trying to keep the earth the way it was created and intended to be!!


Lets vye to become the world leaders in EcoConservation! Care for a little friendly competition?

Somethingtostrivefor, USA
I am going to nag daily so my children turn off lights

Yorktown ,NY (age:52)
recycle, flouresent bulbs, buy recyclable items only for meals, many ways to help, spread the word

-Pamela and Steve
, USA (age:35, 39)

IL USA (age:65 48)
I will live a greener life and help others to do the same.

i am going to get my whole family of 50 people to stop cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels,

USA (age:84)
I will switch to recycled paper goods.

I pledge to educate as many people as possible about saving the Earth from further injury and harm.

Brisbane, AU
I sold my car three days ago and I plan to do all my travel by bike from now on.

Tucson, AZ (age:25)
I will get everyone I love to do one small thing, drive less, change lightbulbs, WALK!

im doing my best to eradicate this global warming

hyderabad ,india (age:17 )
i will shower less and plant a new tree every year

canada (age:14)
i will go and sow up the hole in the ozone

-Freddy Cuger
maine freeport usa (age:34)
I pledge to use compact flourescent lightbulbs in my house! Make the Change!


i think people need to switch tv right and not leave it on stand by

essex england' (age:14)
We'll recycle, reduce electricity and car use to protect God's beautiful creation.

-James and Cheryl
Strasbourg, France (age:36,41)
I have reduced the usage of plastic bags

Pune, India
I will use the least amount of electricity possible.

Denver, Co (age:14)
Everything Possible!

Redondo Beach (age:13)
helo everyone I like life and evrything life is good

turkey (age:26)
i will do anything to stop what is happening to our world because it is now our generation job now!

Canada (age:12)
Plant a tee.

I pledge to continue to educate others about Global Warming and the individual actions that can help

Manchester, UK (age:22)
I will love my daughter for the rest of my life.

Hayti, MO US (age:18)
I will only spend my money on products and food that I know aren't harmful to the environment

-Victoria Smith
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (age:19)
I will recycle as much as I can to save the world from the jeopardy it is in!

France (age:15)
I will make sure to turn off all lights in my house when no one is around or using that room.

Edina, Minnesota
Recycle, build an energy saving home, trade my vehicle for a hybrid.

Greenwood, IN (age:35)
Let penguins and polar bears live. REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING!!!

I make an effort every day to conserve water and energy and I encourage my friends to conserve also.

Hudson, FL (age:18)
I will use biodegradable diapers rather than the normal ones that take 500 years to decompose

Jacksonville, FL (age:33)


I will use tote bags and learn to home compost

Brunswick, Maine
I will reuse and recycle items. I will educate the young and old...we must support our environment!!

Ontario, Canada
I hang clothes in the sun, I don't use a dryer. I do not use leaves blowers!

Sacramento, CA (age:43)
I use CFL (energy saving light bulbs).

CA (age:44)
I pledge to recycle as much as possible

West Virginia
I Want To Save The World.

-SARAH holbrook.
London Ontario. (age:13)
Everyone watch

I will walk to school

Uhh. Well, You See, I like Flowers. There PRETTY.. and smell VERY nice.

-Bobby Parkerson
CHICKEN YAH CHICKEN (age:2349278-45)
i will litter less and ncourage my friends to pick up after themsselves more

london ontario (age:13)
I will help the environment by walking instead of asking for a ride and i will not litter!

London, Ontario, Canada (age:13)
i will try to drive less to save our economy

compton (age:14)
i think we should stop using cars and walk every were!!!!

london (age:14)
I Want To Save The World.

-SARAH holbrook.
London Ontario. (age:13)
I will take the bus more so the air is cleaner

London (age:14)
I would encourage my;peers,and family to use what is needed and not over use of what they have.


I would take a bus more and try to tell people that to and recycle.

London (age:13)
I will reuse material and use less gas and electricity I will use energy efficiency light bulbs

-Trent Webster
London Ontario (age:14)
I will walk to school

re make cars from the inside instead the out side and make it so we use less fuil and less pollution

London (age:14)
Uhh. Well, You See, I like Flowers. There PRETTY.. and smell VERY nice.

-Bobby Parkerson
CHICKEN YAH CHICKEN (age:2349278-45)
I will turn off all the lights in the house when I'm not home.

London, Ontario, Canada (age:13)
I will take the bus more so the air is cleaner

London (age:14)
I will reuse material and use less gas and electricity I will use energy efficiency light bulbs

-Trent Webster
London Ontario (age:14)
I will walk to school

i will recycle more and protest against polution

Ontario, Canda (age:13)
I will walk to school and not get rides anymore.

I Want To Save The World.

-SARAH holbrook.
London Ontario. (age:13)
I will help slow down global warming by turning off the lights in my house when im not using them.

London Ontario ,Canada (age:13)
i am going to make sure everything I Buy will be appropriate for the enviornment

London (age:13)
I will take the bus more so the air is cleaner

London (age:14)
I will help reduce global warming buy using more efficient items

ontario (age:14)
I will take the bus more so the air is cleaner

London (age:14)
Uhh. Well, You See, I like Flowers. There PRETTY.. and smell VERY nice.

-Bobby Parkerson
CHICKEN YAH CHICKEN (age:2349278-45)
I will plant a tree, and do everyday things that would benefit the environment!

To help the environment I will use energy effecient supplies, and I won't litter.

London,Ontario,Canada (age:13)
I will Pledge to tell others of Global Warming, we have to change!!

I will reuse material and use less gas and electricity I will use energy efficiency light bulbs

-Trent Webster
London Ontario (age:14)
i pledge not to do so much drivy, and to give the earth a sexy time

kazakstan (age:35)
I will walk to school

I will buy everything that is approperiate for the Environment, and buy more efecient items.

Ontario,Canada (age:13)
I'll walk instead of driving when ever I can

I will plant a tree and I won't litter.

Uhh. Well, You See, I like Flowers. There PRETTY.. and smell VERY nice.

-Bobby Parkerson
CHICKEN YAH CHICKEN (age:2349278-45)
I Pledge to tell as many people as i can to stop polluting the air so i could save the Earth.

Ontario,Canada (age:13)
I would make letters to the car company's to tell them to stop making cars like hummers.

London (age:13)
I promise to (when ever I can) bring up conversation about the environment and how bad it is.

Happy Valley, Kettleby, Ontario, Canada (age:39)
I will take shorter showers and turn off lights when I don't need them.

clarksvill,TN united states (age:12)
I will plant lots of trees and I will not destroy the ocean. ( VERY SIMPLE)

London (age:13)
i will not drive a hummer

Tucson Arizona USA (age:14)
I think we should get rid of cars and walk!!! P.S hi every one

london,ontario (age:14)
I will pursue the truth about GM which means listening to the skeptical scientists.

British Columbia
I'm going to buy a big truck which will put more CO2 in the atmosphere so that more plants will grow

I pledge to be more green for our planet :-)

-Maria Lange
Saratoga Springs, NY (age:43)
I will set up a blog and talk about CONSERVATION

-Kuah Peik Khee
Malaysia (age:21)
i will pick up each and every piece of paper and everytime i go to shopp with a cloth bag

jakarta,java,indonesia (age:13)
I hope to live with as little impact on the environment as possible

Oakland (age:30)
Our family is changing all of our light bulbs to the ones recommended to help conserve power! GREEN!

Shenandoah Junction, WV (age:52)
We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

Huntington, WV, USA (age:21)
I pledge to conserve water,energy,and plastic,walk to school,and start up a compost bin at my house.

Auckland, New Zealand (age:12)
I promise to plant trees and conserve as much energy as possible.

Cali (age:12)
This year, I will buy recyled paper products. I will also begin buying biodegradeable soaps.

Montana (age:27)
I will learn more about Global Warming and share this with my students and family.

Fresno, CA (age:41)
I will tell everyone about

Rochester, NY (age:25)
Advocating, Taking Action to Stop Global Warming, Protect & Preserve our Mother Earth & Animals

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
i will try to help pick up garbage,build a community garden,and i will recycle more often!

Joliet,Ilinois,United States of America (age:11)
i will not chop down all the trees


I pledge to recycle, reduce electricity usage and take care of mother earth and tell others too

-Jessica Scolari
Fresno, Ca. (age:19)
I have converted our electricity to green power.

-Shot In The Dark Mysteries
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (age:27)
I will learn more about global warming and do my part to protect the earth for my grandchildren

Polson, MT
i will plant trees and ask my parents to buy cfl bulb!

california,usa,torrance (age:11)
i will tell people to recycle paper, use paper bags that i have,and plant more trees & flowers.

torrance,california, usa (age:7)
Only bitter, selfish people would oppose the theory of global warming, save earth, its all we have

I will only use air dryers in public bathrooms

Lathrop California USA (age:10)
I will buy an envairomental car and drive less

-Ana Roman
Toronto,Ontario,Canada (age:27)
i'll save the earth by encouraging people to reduce the emission of co2

i'm putting together a campaign to get my employer to go green.

Lakeland, Florida, USA
I'll walk more - for the health of our planet and for my own health.

USA (age:41)
I will unplug devices from sockets, use bi-cycle, give up meat and say no to plastic bags.

Pune, India (age:26)
I use all compact flourescent lightbulbs, my next car will be a hybrid, I will recycle even more.

Macon, GA, USA (age:54)
I will recycle everything and save the trees!

I will not liter or waste electrocity, this way I will be able to save our world

everyone please stop buying stuff you never needed.

-buy guy

I will recycle any and all goods around me and my neighborhood.

Alamosa, CO USA (age:16)
i pledge to try to reduce the amount of energy i use daily

Hudson, MA USA (age:16)
I'll use public transport as often as I can. I'll separate my garbage so that it can be recycled

Switzerland (age:26)
I will turn off my computer, and use less plastic bags

Moncton (age:50)
I will recycle all plastic bags and filter my own water

cocoa fl (age:36)
I pledge to take care of the Earth and prevent Global Warming

Singapore (age:14)
I will pass on my information and GO GREEN

Seattle WA (age:17)
I will visit more wildlife organization sites and save the whales

Ontario (age:11)
i will use less paper and not use so much electricity


I love the invirment!

I will clean ocean for free to help stop plason!

I will use the short flush on my toilet for number ones and the long for number twos...

-Mr Parkinson
Norfolk, UK (age:40+)
I will


i will not litter and turn off not used lights

london ontario (age:15)
I have become vegitarian to help all little animals

Richmond, Va (age:14)
as a christian i'll pray not only for our country but 4 the whole world. Jesus our lord would mke it

-hannah manapat (sudent)
Philippines (age:16)
I pledge to kick ass with these disrespectful punks who write about trashing the planet. Real funny!

Nova Scotia, Canada (age:100)
I pledge to turn off my computer when I am not using it and to drive a hybrid car.

Whitley City, KY, United States (age:15)
Iwill use backsides of paper and recycle.

-Grace McFee
Parkville,MO,U.S. (age:10)
We are all one with the earth!

San Francisco, CA USA (age:30)
I am gonna start turning off my computer

Uk (age:12)
I am going to recycle all of my plastic water bottles.

Clemson, SC (age:24)
I am going to make sure I use my tote bags and I want to make sure that my gen. does not suffer

Australia (age:13)
from what the people of today have created. Global Warming must be stopped for me and my generation

Australia (continued) (age:13)
To actually have a future...

Australia (continued) (age:13)
I will tell others how to keep our areas clean by not littering.


i pledge that i will not cut trees and grow more plants and i will not use plastic bags

baroda ( india) (age:10)
I plan on starting a free recycling business for my town, and am composting too!

Parkville, Mo. (age:35)
carpooling helps the soul

-bob jackson
sacramento \ca (age:35)
i will do all i can to save our planet

planted a tree this year!!

I'm going to find employment closer to home and walk or ride my bicycle to work.

Snohomish, Washington, USA (age:52)
I'm going to become an environmental activist and educate others on how they can help the planet.

Snohomish, Washington, USA (age:52)
I will use more eco friendly bags and products.

North Carolina
I will plant trees and conserve energy

Philippines (age:43)
I will try my best to lessen global warming. (^ω^)

Philippines (age:14)
help by trying to tell other people about this situation


hug a tree and recycle!!!!!


save the planet, because its shrinking alll the time


I will tell my parents to drive less.

I plan to help the environment by walking instead of a rideing WAIT A MIN THERE ARE TO MANY HILLS!

Pullman Washington (age:14)
I will show my grandchildren to to love their Mother Earth

Orlando, Fl, USA (age:65)
I promiss to turn off lights when I am not using them, and to recycle and not to litter.

London, Ontario (age:12)
I will tell others how to keep our areas clean by not littering.

-Maria E. Montilla G.
San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela
clean up at the beach

delray beach, fl (age:6)
I'll walk more - for the health of our planet and for my own health.

-Maria E. Montilla
San Antonio de los Altos
I will do my best to provide life on this beautiful planet for as long as I can

I will only use greenhouse gases when absolutely necessary.

I will reduce my waste this year and every year.

columbus, Ohio, the great USA (age:29)
I will eat more vegan meals.

Cleveland, OH, USA (age:35)
La Tierra, es la unica casa que tenemos y la estamos perdiendo dia a dia con nuestra ignorancia

-Victor Manuel
Armenia, Colombia (age:30)
I will stop using plastic and paper bags.

Tyler, Texas (age:24)
i will recycle everday

Silverton OR USA (age:30)
I will teach my daughter how important the Earth is for her future!

Simpsonville SC (age:33)
Chiqui, espero que encontremos la paz, la luz y hagamos juntos de este mundo un lugar mejor. Te amo

Mexico, Mexico (age:33)
Every thing is possible if considered.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
i will better educate myself and others on proper recycling and to always pick up any litter i find

wooster ohio usa (age:27)
I will continue hanging clothes to dry on the clothesline instead of using the dryer.

Leesburg, FL (age:42)
I will be a conscious consumer and will promote and spread information about conscious consumption.

san salvador, el salvador (age:27)
I changed all my bulbs, water the lawn less,will buy a Hybrid.

Jacksonville, florida (age:38)
I will pledge to continue recycling and decrease consumption of fuel & other wasteful energy.

-Kristi Ferguson
Irving, TX (age:41)
To always teach my grandchildren about protecting

oregon city, OR,USA (age:61)
I pledge to DO whatever it takes to help protect the Earth!

we will strive to do at least one small thing to save the earth and who knows we just might

-nancy and kim
Get faith communities to take seriously the prayerful act of being good stewards of God's creation!

Washington, DC (age:47)
i will only buy green products

santee ca usa (age:63)
i will walk instead of driving!!!! Good for me, and the environment

usa...mass (age:26)
Turn off the H20 while brushing teeth, reusable grocery bags, recycle even more-so than currently do

Maryland, USA (age:29)
I pledge to lead by example. I shall compost and purchase products with minimal packaging

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (age:31)
I'm a tree-hugger & a friend of the ocean! Appreciate & love nature. It's beautiful! Go green!

I'll pick up the garbage aroud my house.

N.Dartmouth, MA (age:9)
time for a change,go green


Ely, NV (age:24)
We will reduce our usage of plastic bags

-african house hostel
Cairo,Egypt (age:100)
I will recycle magazines and use a commuters mug instead of to-go cups

Oakland, CA (age:12)
I will NOT use drive through windows. I will walk in.

Toronto, Ontario Canada (age:47)
Please help our state be neat and free of bad things!

Collierville,Tennessee (age:10)
I will Reduce,Reuse, and Recycle and spred the word help keep clean Tennessee and Mother Nature.

Collierville,Tennessee (age:10)
I will continue to teach my kids to take care of the earth, save electricity, and recycle.

Reading, PA
I will encourage people to go to

Walling, TN, USA (age:59)

San Luis Obispo, California (age:25)
I LOVE the envirment and animals around it.I'm gonna do whatever I can.I am such a tree hugger!!

you're never too old to be green

australia (age:75)
I'll start and encourage people at work to use paper front and back

-Dini Kusuma
Indonesia (age:25)
I will encourage those I'm with to

-Saundra Woodward
Central City, KY, USA
i will shower less, and promise to hug a tree AND the earth every single day

frankfort, illinois (age:13)
I'll always love you, Mother Nature

Singapore (age:19)
help pick up litter and take care of the planet because it is never going to go away

ct middletown usa (age:9)
I will keep my place clean and green and ask others to do the same...

-Brian G. Alawi
Philippines (age:31)
I will continue to reduce energy usage all around my home

colorado (age:37)
I make an effort every day to conserve natural resources and I encourage my friends to conserve also

-Guna Seelan
Bangalore, India
I think d human actvits overpump the underground water and that is the real reason.Letz be aware

Bangalore,India (age:27)
Please save the nature & save the earth ...Please please think about the sweet innocent animals.

Bangalore,Bhubaneswar,India (age:24)
I will turn off the water when brushing my teeth!

Chicago, IL (age:24)

India (age:16)
I plan on educating others on global warming so that they can also help protect this world.

Queens, NY, USA
i pledge to save water

opelika (age:14)

Florida USA (age:11)
just wanted to say its great to see how many people care...

fl USA (age:11)
I will help raise young environmentalists by teaching my daycare kids to respect the environment.

-Daycare provider
Huntington, WV USA (age:34)
I am gonna make sure my family help me stop global warming!!

I will ressurect Clancy's Garbage Club to help save the World! And turn off appliances at wall.

Sydney Australia (age:45)
I pleage to keep the earth clean and do my best to help keep animals that are in danger alive


I promis that i will Beg my parents to buy a hibrid.

Tucson,AZ (age:12)
Everything is possible when we change everything - I use only the energy saver bulb

India (age:24)
We are lovers of nature and we will advocate for a clean and green environment

-Comrades Brotherhood Association
Jolo Chapter Philippines
We are lovers of nature and we will help protect our mother earth

-Comrades Brotherhood Association
Zamboanga Chapter Philippines
This earth is ours to be protected. Help save our mother earth.

-Brian Alawi
Founder, Comrades Brotherhood Association
Loved the environment since i can remember , we have to keep it beautiful for everyone in the future

Melbourne , Australia
I will always use the subway

I wont do anything


i love this world and all of its wonders, i wish more people cared about our planet.. : (

illnois (age:19)
i pledge to do everything that can save our planet and tell everyone to do the same thing

staten island,new york,united states
go to its the best site ever and it also tells you how tostopglobalwarming

staten island,new york,united states
Will keep to the work on the land.

Italy (age:53)
Recycle...Save Mother Earth

Berkeley, CA (age:55)
I'll choose to walk, bike, or use public transit whenever possible!

San Francisco, California, USA (age:26)
I will use cloth grocery bags, take shorter showers, and not use the dryer as much.

Bend, Oregon (age:24)
I pledge to educate my students about the earth and what we can do for it

Hanover, Pa (age:30)
I will use re-usable bags at the grocery store

San Diego, CA USA (age:33)
I will teach my children about the importance of recycling, after all this is their planet!!

Tucson, AZ
Our family will keep using cloth grocery bags, feed our wild birds and pick up trash when we see it.

Richardson, Texas (age:44)
Recycle, Reuse and, Reduce, that's what I'll be doing everday, yup yup yup!

apply all green principles to everyday living, love my fellow humans, respect nature.

Eugene,Oregon. USA (age:57)
I will shut down lights whenever they are not being used.

Earth is in the future of our hands.We have to do our ultimate best to save earth!


I pledge to reduce global warming and cut down my CO2 emissions.

i am going to unplug my charger when i am not using it!!!!!!!!!

South Africa (age:13)

canada (age:7775)
We pledge to recycle and turn off lights when we leave the room.

-Mrs. Lessel's fourth grade gifted class
Orlando, FL (age:10)
We pledge to take short showers, turn off lights, and use paper bags! We Love Our Mother Earth!

Orlando, Florida
I will plant one tree every year, turn off lights, recycle, reduce water use, useboth sides of paper

Orlando, Florida (age:8)
I pledge to use the front and the back of paper so we can save oxygen by saving trees

Orlando, FL
We will reuse water bottles and unplug electronics, including chargers, when they are not in use.

-Third Grade Thunderstorms
Orlando, FL (age:8-9)
I will keep my apartment clean,not waste alot of paper,and save more electrisity.

Huntington Park C.A. (age:9)
I Recicale papers on the ground and save water.

Huntington Park C.A. (age:6)
I promise to make my earth as beautiful as i wish to make my gardern green.This is our Earth ourhome

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
I'm going to save the polar bears.

-Ethan Hogge
Folsom, CA (age:5)
i pledge i will not waste electricity,water,paper etc

new delhi,delhi,india (age:09)
I am going to support my surrrounding communities to help make a difference

i pledge to clean up the earth as much as possible and get everyone involved!

Ohio (age:11)
save trees,save ecosystem,save earth for you are dependent on it.

bangalore,karnataka&india (age:12)
lets join hands and prevent GLOBEL WARMING

banglore,karnataka,INDIA (age:11)
lets join hands and prevent GLOBEL WARMING

banglore,karnataka,INDIA (age:11)
i will try to protect and plant trees in my area. STOP USING BANNED VEHICLES,close tap after use,

hyderabad india (age:25)
I will use both sides of a paper, recucle tins, plastic bottles, paper etc & tell buds to do d same

india (age:10)
I pledge to conserve our environment in every possible way and pledge to spread the message !!

Chennai INDIA (age:26)
I will educate as many people as possible about the lie of global warming. God is who I worship!

Wake up! Do some research. The earth is currently cooling! It's a cycle.

save tree save earth

india (age:17)
I promise to be more aware of how uch paper I use in my everyday life.I will also use less water.

Chicago,Illinois,U.S.A (age:13)
I pleage to use florecents, which will later leak mercury and kill fish!

They have also poisoned our water supply! Brilliant!

Remember that recomended disposal is tying them up in two plastic bags. How's that for green?

Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu

A little bit of effort today, will become a habit tomorrow.

South Africa (age:29)
Every day I ask my colleagues: close the light

Holland (age:62)

HOLLAND (age:62)
I pledge to use less water and to unplug things when they are not being used.

Zephyrhills Fl (age:14)
I pledge to put my air and heater on a timer so its only being used when needed!

Zephyrhills Fl (age:14)
I pledge to eat beef less than 3 times a week.

Long Island City, NY
I don't cut any tree in my own place.

Ney York (age:59)
I pledge to use less water when i brush my teeth every day.

-Arely lozano
New york (age:24)
use public transportation

elmhrurst-new york (age:51)
I pledge only paper bag to carry my lunch and I will use my bicycle during the summer time to go to

queens new york united state (age:44)
I pledge plant many trees in my farm.

-Marcelo Roman
Quito (age:59)
I pledge to recycle the batteries.

Woodside, NY (age:34)
i pledge to support reforestation

I pledge to take my bike to gym 5 days a week

East Elmhurst , NY USA (age:43)
I pledge to explain to my son how to save the electricity and about the recycling

-gloria tabares
new york (age:38)
I pledge to use Recycled paper

New York
I pledge to call my senators once a week and ask them to help reduce global warming emissions

I pledge to buy only fresh food not frozen.

-Raul Llallire
New York (age:46)
i pledge to off the tv if im not going to use it

-api melino
hawaii (age:17)
I will try to get outside more to enjoy nature!

San Francisco
I Pledge To Litter Less

-Marc Agamata
Lanakila (age:17)
i Pledge To take car pools, buses, ride a bike or walk to destinations

-Kurt Tachibana
Honolulu (age:17)
I will teach my 5th grade science students to be environmentally aware & caring for Mother Earth!

Richardson, TX
I'll watch the sunsets with wonder and awe, even enjoy the snow fall, have more revrance for Earth!

Hays Kansas (age:14)
ya save the bears

battle creek mi (age:14)
I will turn off the water while I brush my teeth!

Knoxville, TN
i pledge to use less gass

honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)
I pledge to take my son to the beach more rather than filling up his pool.

Honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)
I pledge to turn off all electronic devices when I'm not using it!

Honolulu, HI, USA (age:17)
I pledge to take my daughter outside more so we can both fall in love with nature!

honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)

Honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)
Hillary PLEDGED to take the next step in SAVING the EARTH by going GREEN :)

-Hillary Vailisale
Honolulu, HI. (age:18)
AFI PLEDGED to spread the MESSAGE and make a DIFFERENCE.

Oahu Bound (age:18)
I Pledge to turn off the water while brushing my teeth

-Parima Rasouli
honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)
I pledge to pick up trash when I see it

-Brittany Loh
Honolulu, HI. (age:18)
I pledge to use less eletricity when Im home

-Skyler Fuller
Honolulu, HI. (age:18)
I pledge to turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use at night.

Honolulu, HI. (age:18)
i pledge to play less video games

-ian tabios
hawaii.honolulu (age:17)
I pledge to not to litter at freeways and anywhere else so that I dont get a $500 fine.

Honolulu, HI, USA (age:17)
I pledge to walk more and drive less.

-Bernadette James
Honolulu, HI, USA
I pledge to take care of this PLANET because this planet takes care of ME. <3

-Ashlen Hanaoka
Honolulu, HI, USA (age:18)
I pledge to USE ECO-Friendly products to clean my house.

Micronesia, Federated States (age:18)
Eliminate the use of plastic bags in grocery stores, bag with totes!!

Tucson, AZ (age:49)
Support Green.

Malaysia (age:17)
I aspire to change the world one conversation at a time

-Khaidi KL


Paris (age:19)
i will not plant trees i will plant bushes

thailand (age:100)
nature provides for our need....not for our greed...luv u mother earth!

india (age:15)
i will stop using plastic bags.I will stop using plastic rice box.I will always turn off the lights

i will never cut a tree nor i will allow anyone else to do such a crime

Mumbai,India (age:14)

India (age:13)
i will try to make this world a better place to live in

India (age:13)
we should keep animals in a safe place.

mumbai (age:10 yrs)
i will try my level best to make fresh manure out of wet garbage and grow more trees.

-syed iram
mumbai, maharashtra, india (age:12)
i will walk instead of taking my bike & use a cloth bag for shopping.

-Elizabeth vaz
India Maharashtra 40 00 64 (age:34)
i will not cut trees but plant many.walk more.

i will avoid using plastic bags and waste water and paper to help conserve nature.

-madhura parulekar
mumbai, maharashtra, india (age:10)

INDIA (age:13)
please please stop cutting down tress

-firdaus sayed
mumbai maharastra india (age:10)
if you protect a tree it will also protect you in many ways,if u cut down a tree it will also kill u

-ravindra babu kallam
MNCL, AP,India (age:36)
I will continue to politely impress upon dog walkers to pick up their dog's poop.

I will step up reducing, reusing and recycling more than ever and remind others to do so.

Richlands, VA (age:49)
from now onwards i will use CFC free electronics

-dhruv sharma
delhi,,india (age:16)
I will always keep the places I passed clean and keep going on supporting the concept of 3R,

Kuching,Sarawak,Malaysia (age:16)
i pledge to protect the earth from harmful actiies caused by human bings

india (age:12)
I am the inventor of a device used to air dry laundry a new way

-Rose Marie
Pueblo, CO (age:64)
I will recycle plastic bags as much as possible

Mumbai,Maharashtra (age:12)
I try to conserve electricity the last 3 years

Philippines (age:13)
I will Not throw anywhere. i will also join community services

Philippines (age:12)
I will protect animals and even plants to save animals that are endangered....

quezon city (age:13)
heal the world, make it a better place...

philippines (age:13)
I promise to keep our earth clean and green and would be obliged if you all help us in doing so.

manila, philipppines (age:31)
I will start to use Bags of JUTE..................

Sangli , Maharashtra , India . (age:13)
i'll do my part in protecting our earth by having an effort to educate myself about the environment

vancouver, canada (age:24)
I will take care of my mother earth & always support her

I pledge to go green and make it a trend, because GREEN is the new pink!

San Bernardino, California (age:18)
Appreciate our/my planet!


I will take the train to work more often, instead of driving.

Sacramento, CA
I will make my husband wear his underwear more then three times!

markleeville, ca 96120 (age:30)
I Will Conserve Paper,And Save Electricity .=))

Manila,Philippines (age:12)
don't slash n burn trees and don't burn plastic

manila philippines (age:12)
Let's Help Our Home Mother Earth,To my Generation Lets make a Difference! =) Love Nature,love Earth.

-Anika D.
Manila,Philippines (age:12)
Everybody can make a difference! Just work together! Stop Deforestation and the Kaingin System

Philippines (age:11)
Let's make the earth a better place for us to live in. Recycle things,Plant trees,etc.

Philippines (age:11)
I will turn off all the unused appliances at home.

Manila, Philippines (age:12)
I'll use eco bags instead of plastics. :)

-Recell Lafue
Philippines (age:11)
Will recycle paper, conserve electricity and will reuse plastic

-Jeremy (Clark Kent)
Quezon City, Philippines (age:24)
let's all do our best for mother earth because it's not only for us but also for the future

philippines (age:14)
we are not the one who lacks of deccipline its the government because they do not have strict rules

korea (age:14)
I will not waste anything because its the easiest way to save Mother Earth even were young.

Manila,Philippines (age:11)
I will now save electricity

-Jim Cruz
Manila,Philippines (age:10)
Instead of driving to the nearest bakery, I'll just walk.

Philippines (age:16)
Instead of using the computer 24/7 I will go outside to ride a bike, or play with my neighbors.

Philippines (age:16)
I will only have my computer on when I need it

avoid plastic bags use cloth bags

mumbai , maharastra , india (age:8)
I will ride my bike in all sesons and not stop


do not cut down trees they are homes of animals so take care

mumbai , maharastra , india (age:8)
I will TRY to remember to say "no bags" at the grocery store when purchasing one or two items.

Atlanta (age:58)
I will respect my natural resources, remember to swich off electrical appliances refuse plastics


I commit to keep gardening organic vegetables on God's gracious gift to us: Earth! Say no to GMOS!

-Rhonda Holmes
Portland, OR, USA, Earth (age:79 years young)
I pledge to love the earth more.


I pledge to use reusable bags for grocery shopping.

I will continue to recycle all that is possible <3

USA (age:50)
i will start doing more expensive in our electricity

-jihan carla
region 3 philippines (age:13)
Save Water To Live Long........... & Grow Green As You wish to Earn Money .....

-J P Patel
Rajkot (age:30)
my pledge for mother earth is i will plant many tree

cainta, rizal philipppines (age:10)
I will plant a tree in our backyard. As simple as 1, 2, 3!

Manila, Philippines (age:10)
I will conserve water.

Manila, Philippines (age:7)
I will turn off the lights and other electrical appliances when not in use.

Philippines (age:17)
From now on, I will use paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Philippines (age:18)
To help save Mother Earth, I will start by planting a small tree in our lawn.

Manila, Philippines (age:19)
I will water the plants in our garden everyday to maintain its beauty.

Quezon City, Philippines (age:17)
I promise to pick up liter whenever I see it.

Akron, OH (age:15)
I will shower less often and wear clothes more than once.


Conserve energy

Kansas City (age:25)
I will conduct an Earth Day story time for preschoolers and educate them on ways to Love the Earth!

Volunteer for clean up the river day

I will take shorter showers

Tallmadge OH (age:20)
pick up trash when i see it.

Ohio (age:17)
I will keep my room clean and start recycling more than what I already recycle from now on.

Tallmadge,OH 44278 (age:17)
Recycle more,pick up trash

Tallmadge OH (age:16)
Turn water off

Tallmadge Ohio (age:16)
I will use less water in the shower and brushing me teeth

Tallmadge Ohio (age:15)
i will turn off the lights when i leave the room

Tallmadge ohio (age:15)
I will use less water in the shower and brushing me teeth

Tallmadge Ohio (age:15)
I want Save Water pick up trash

-Sam Hagenbaugh
Tallmadge Ohio (age:16)
Turn my bedroom light off and use my cell phone flash light for light.

Tallmadge OH (age:17)
use less shampoo

Tallmadge Ohio (age:19)
i will not throw away trash

-mike atta
tallmadge, oh,summit (age:18)
go around the block to pick up trash

-Ashley mills
Tallmadge OH (age:18)
I will pick up sticks and mow the lawn with a push mower.

Tallmadge OH, 44278 (age:19)
I will plant trees in my city

Tallmadge,OH 44278 (age:18)
I swear to help pick up any trash and help any way I can

-Keegan Rupnik
Tallmadge ohio united states (age:19)
use a Lunch box rather than a paper or polythene bag each DAY to SAVE TREES and avoid pollution!

-Samina Naz
I will scooter home from school as much as possible

Switzerland (age:11)
I will find and join a local environmental group.

Switzerland (age:55)
I pledge to protect this planet Earth and do whatever I can to do it and encourage others too!


I pledge to continue to encourage others to do their part. (2015)


I will take care of earth by not making trash Fill the streets of floors clean up the mess

Happy Earth Day!


I need a summer short plege

-J. cheryl jocelynn
Dindigul ,Tamil Nadu , India (age:11)
i will only give saving to product our mother.

-J. cheryl jocelynn
Dindigul ,Tamil Nadu , India (age:11)
I will join climb for a cause to clean up out mountains here in Philippines

-Yssa Navarro
Manila, Philippines
I will walk to work every workday since today.

-Rachel Zhang
Shanghai,China (age:34)
I pledge to make this earth a better place to live and contribute for its well being.

New Delhi,India (age:12)
Happy Earthday! I will try and use public transportation more!

San Francisco, CA (age:56)
I am going vegetarian!

Amazing to watch nature heal as we lessen our activity...

Canada (age:23)


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