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E-Cards' 2015 New Year's Resolutions

To keep life simpler.

USA (age:45)
To explore new places.

Colorado (age:33)
Make play my work

always smile

China (age:24)
Try to be happy

-Adele Kane
Southampton UK (age:73)
Makki ki Roti, Nimbu kaAachar,Suraj Ki Kirne, Khushiyo kiBahar,Chand Ki Chandi, Apno kaPyar,Mubarik ho Appko yeh nayasaal***Happy***New***Year.

-Anand Kumar Batham
Auraiya (age:20)
I hope for more peace and love in 2016!

Oakland,CA (age:13)
Love life, drink water, and cook more for my kids!

NZ (age:59)
Peace everywhere, love for all people

Canada (age:25)
Be happy in all situations, spread more smiles & spirituality, and pray for the world peace.

USA (age:35)

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