• No card was found matching the pickup code you entered. Are you sure the code you entered for this card is correct.
    Was your card over 15 days old? We do have to recycle cards after 15 days to make room for new cards.

Common Problems

Was the pickup notice really from us?

Someone has been spamming people with e-mails that claim to be from us, but are not. Our card pickup codes start with "ca" or an "m". Our pickup notices link to the url

Think your notice was a fake? Spam Pickup Notices!

Was your E-Card sent over 15 days ago?

We do "recycle" cards that are over 15 days old. You may save cards from being tossed in the recycle-bin: Join My E-Cards!

Are you sure your card was sent from our site --

We often find people try to pickup cards here that were sent from other sites. This wont work. Tell your card sender to use next time. Revenues from our site help support groups that support wildlife and the environment!

Did you "typo" your E-Card pick-up code?

Try copying and then pasting your pickup code in this form. This will help ensure that no text typos hinder your card pickup.

Still having troubles?

To find possible solutions and/or request help please visit the: E-Cards Support Pages.

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