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E-Cards Corporate Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities:

E-Cards provides a unique sponsorship/advertising opportunity for many companies and organizations. Advertisements posted at E-Cards have the following benefits:

  • High volume exposure: The E-Cards web site is an extremely popular site. We receive visitor and page-view volumes that are competitive with many of the most active sites on the Web (up to 4 million page views per month!).

  • Unique demographic niche / web community access: E-Cards is a values-based site. We focus on helping wildlife, the environment, international understanding and creative education. This focus has helped us build a unique community of active users.

  • Cause-related marketing opportunity: A significant portion of all E-Cards revenues (your advertisement fee) is donated to World Wildlife Fund. We truly believe in this values-based business model. To date, all revenue beyond operational expenses and investment for site development has been donated.

  • Partnership perspective: We view our sponsoring advertisers as "partners." We work closely with our partners to make sure their needs are exceptionally met!

  • High value return on your investment: We believe the above factors sum to equal a high value return on your Internet advertising investment.

  • Advertising assistance: To make sure your E-Cards sponsorship is effective, we offer advertising consultation and development assistance.

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