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Advertising/Sponsorship Information

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Current E-Cards Sponsorship / Advertising packages:

  • Sponsorships:
    Monthly sponsorships of the entire E-Cards site, My E-Cards, E-Cards homepage or a specific card category. A great opportunity for branding, as well as a close connection with E-Cards and its mission.

  • E-Cards Homepage Badge:
    Banner ad at the top of the E-Cards Home Page. Effective for campaigns desiring premium ad real estate. Ads are empowered with close E-Cards association.

  • E-Cards Premium:
    Banner ads at the top of pages throughout the E-Cards site e.g.: Our Catalog Page. Effective for delivering ads in volume and for ad campaigns targeting multiple impressions per visitor.

  • E-Cards Holidays:
    Banner at the top of E-Cards holiday pages e.g.: Our Halloween Home Page -- Effective for targeting specific holiday periods.

  • E-Cards Events:
    Sponsor banner for special events hosted by E-Cards like: Earth Day, photo exhibitions, art showings. Great for creating powerful association links with fun, exciting events.

  • E-Cards Notification E-Mails:
    Sponsor a text ad and URL link in the card notification e-mails that are sent to E-Card recipients. Great for

  • E-Cards EMU Newsletter:
    Mailed quarterly to over 210,000 subscribers. Sponsorship opportunities are available upon discussion

Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program. Please send an e-mail if you are interested in finding out more about our sponsorship program.

* Sponsorship details are subject to change.

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