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E-Cards was founded in 1995 as an extension of its founders' core values and aspirations. We believe that the Internet is a place where companies can truly "do well, while doing good." With your help, we are demonstrating that responsible businesses can be a powerful force in preserving nature and the environment.

Who we are:

We are a small, dedicated 4-person team working on the Internet from San Francisco. We hope that E-Cards is as fun for you to use as it is for us to manage, design and develop!

About our site:

Millions of cards have been sent from E-Cards. Our site consistently ranks as one of the more trafficked sites on the net. We support various environmental organizations by donating links, news space and a percentage of our revenue. Organizations to which we have donated in the past include: World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense, Grist Magazine, The New American Dream and The Green Schools Initiative.

Our Mission:

Grow a website that:
  1. Informs and delights

  2. Characterizes a sense of community

  3. Embodies education, environmental concern, international diversity, social consciousness and aesthetic beauty

  4. Benefits wildlife and nature.

Our Passion:

This is a work of passion. We provide this service to help make our world a better place, to fulfill our personal dreams and goals, and to inspire others to do the same.

We are delighted by the incredible growth E-Cards has achieved and the generosity of our contributing artists. We are also grateful that our values are shared by so many caring people around the world. We hope you find E-Cards an enjoyable and useful web space, and (in its own small way) inspires positive environmental action.

Thank you for your support!
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