logo Music Preview Problems

If you’re having problems previewing music, one of the points below may help you locate the reason and maybe a solution. We have also found that though you may not be able to preview music here, you may be able to hear it when you build and preview your E-Card.

Possible explanations for the sounds of silence:
  • Does your computer have the capability to play music -- Do you have a sound card and speakers?
  • Is the volume turned up on your speakers?
  • Does your web browser have a plug-in capable of playing MP3 and MIDI files? »MP3 info »MIDI info
  • Are you using a web browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape? While we try to support other browsers, some browsers don't seem to support some standard web functions.
  • Are you using an advertisement pop-up blocker? Our music preview function works with a pop-up window. Your pop-up blocker may be blocking the music.
  • Is your computer’s memory too full? Some computers have trouble playing MIDI files if their memory cache is full. Try emptying your cache and re-viewing the card »learn more.
To learn what "MP3" and "MIDI" music files are, click here!

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