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E-Cards Sponsorship Opportunities for Individuals:

There are a number of ways individuals can help support and sponsor E-Cards:
  • Join My E-Cards.

  • Keep using our site. Your visits are an inspiration to us. Our users help us realize that our efforts are appreciated and help keep the site funded and running. It also helps us attract advertisers which enables us to donate to World Wildlife Fund!

  • Make a direct donation to the World Wildlife Fund through their site - they are doing great work. Your contributions are needed and appreciated. Visit WWF's web site.

  • Use your browser to bookmark our home page: E-Cards Homepage.

  • Post an E-Cards text or graphic link to E-Cards from your website.

  • Tell others about E-Cards. Mention our URL or, better yet send them a card!

  • Let us know how we can keep the site exciting for you and the rest of the E-Cards community. Send us feedback.

Thank you for your interest in E-Cards. We hope E-Cards remains a compelling destination for your web travels.

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