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Ayuthaya, Thailand
Jacquie Bird

Big Sur
© Judith Drewien

Church of La Compania
© Bill Gerhardt

Pamukkale Patterns
Pamukkale, Turkey
© Robb Waterman

Istanbul View
Istanbul, Turkey
© Robb Waterman

© Nancy Honeycutt

Three Leaf Clover
© Wyatt Miles

Glass Wing Butterfly
Las Tablas, Costa Rica
© Aviva Rossi

© Robb Waterman

Magician's Temple at Palenque
© Irfan Parvez

The Monastery
Petra, Jordan
© Michelle Snyder

Buddhist 'Mani' prayer stone
Khumbu Valley, Nepal
© Alison Gardner-Shelby

Monks at annual Yi Peng festival
Sansai, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
© Raf Aerts

Largest Mud Mosque in the World
Djenne, Mali
© Michelle Snyder

Kegon Falls
Nikko, Japan
© Keith MacAllister

Buddhist Stupa in Boudha (Boudhanath)
Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal
© Alison Gardner-Shelby

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