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Cumberland Trail in Autumn
Tennessee State Scenic Hiking Trail
© Minerva Bloom

Autumn Leaves
© Carl Hennicke

Touch of Autumn
Mike Miller Park, Draffenville, Kentucky, USA
© Kristi Howson

Deer in a Snow Flurry
© Mary Anne O'Sullivan

Lake Placid
Adirondacks State Park, New York
© Oscar Gutierrez

© Ray Southward

Autumn Leaves
© Erica Esser

Early Frost
© Benjamin Mckendall

Red Fall Leaves
Kenai Pennisula, Alasaka
© Larry Blackwood, E-Cards

Autumn Leaves (Japanese Maple tree)
San Jose, California
© Keith MacAllister

Tetons on a Cloudy Morning
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
© Robb Waterman

Roadside Warriors
Wyoming, United States
© Catherine Moore

Welcome Home
© Monica Van der Weer

Autumn Aspens
© Daniel J. Cox,

Food to Go
North Creek Farm, Phippsburg, Maine
© Phoenix Campbell

Foggy Afternoon
Plumb Beach, New York
© Shoaib Siddiqui

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