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Circle of Love
© Fiely A. Matias

Rose Bud
Wallingford, Connecticut
© Craig Zacarelli

Two Emperors
Antarctic Ice Shelf
© Judy Waterman, E-Cards

Giggling Pink Primroses
Northern Westchester, New York
© Donald Gambino

Things areBetter with Butterflies
© Debbie Leonard, E-Cards

Elephant Walk

Raining Hearts - Tipsy Tiger

Susan's Pink Rose
© Carl Hennicke, E-Cards

Heart Present
© Tina Cash

Red Waves
© Robb Waterman

© Steve Armstrong

Giraffes walking
© John Van Dyke

Hot Pink Bougainvillea
Tradewinds County Park in Coconut Creek, Florida
© Minerva Bloom

Aping Around
© E-Cards
(Members Card)

Rose 1
© Carolina Alotus

Common Dolphin
Channel Islands Marine Reserve, California
© Robb Waterman

Single Red Rose
© Robb Waterman

Salt Lake City, Utah
© Dharmesh Desai

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